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Backyard Ponds, Water Features and More

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Nothing makes your property space more relaxing than installing a water feature or pond. With Full Bucket Contracting, we can enhance your outdoor area and give your house an element of tranquillity you don’t find in many places other than nature. Having a pond on your property can also be home to many different wildlife species. If you are looking to have a backyard pond installed or need help making your outdoor space perfect, contact Full Bucket today. 


Installing a pond takes time and attention to detail. Our professionals will work closely with you to figure out the best design for your water feature and its size and location. The possibilities are endless, and they don’t always have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. A simple touch can make a big difference to your landscape. Once we complete the design process, we will begin installing your property’s oasis! 


As the pond owner, there are some maintenance steps you need to take to keep your ecosystem in running order. For your pond to be in top shape and running smoothly all year round, you need to maintain the correct balance of plants and fish in the tank, add water treatments regularly, and clean up any debris that might obstruct the natural flow. With Full Bucket, we offer seasonal services, including spring start-up, fall clean up and winter shut down. 

Here are Some of Our Most Popular Options

Koi Ponds/Water Gardens

With a koi pond and or a water garden, you can choose from so many different styles and variations, making your backyard the ideal relaxation space. The main difference between Koi Ponds and a water garden is the presence of koi fish, and a water garden may not contain any fish. 

Pondless Waterfall

Pondless waterfalls are a beautiful and practical option for homeowners with limited space on their property. These designs can be customized to fit any budget, size, and aesthetic preference while also saving you the time and hassle of installing a traditional pond.

Backyard Ponds

Create a beautiful backyard oasis with a water feature, and we can help every step of the way. We’ll guide you through the entire process to make sure you get the best-looking, most efficient pond for your yard. Choose from a wide range of features that will make your space look great and feel fantastic.


Water Feature & Pond Design Ideas

Looking for backyard ideas that’ll transform your outdoor space into the landscape of your dreams? You’ll love the serenity of a water feature or backyard pond. Create a paradise right outside your door with a backyard designs by Full Bucket Contracting featuring products by Aquascape.

See Why People Love Their Water Features

Listen to present water feature owners talk about the benefits of upgrading their outdoor spaces with the wonders of water. Full Bucket offers Aquascape products.

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