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Reliable Builders of Custom Swimming Pools


Full Bucket Contracting is your top choice to construct a concrete pool in the Brantford / Brant County and Norfolk area. Maintaining a turnkey approach to installing and designing custom swimming pools, we use high quality craftsmanship and materials from the Brantford area. We will help you design your own backyard oasis and when we are finished you will enjoy your pool with your family and friends all summer long.

At Full Bucket Contracting, we guarantee that every one of our pools have structural integrity allowing for a long life and many summers of enjoyment.  All of our pools are equipped with top-of-the-line drainage system, ensuring the reliability you expect.

Each of our concrete swimming pools are designed with aesthetic and long-term use in mind, regardless if you are looking to create a backyard paradise or a standard swimming area.  You will also have flexibility in designing your pool incorporating custom features unique to your liking.

At Full Bucket Contracting we are more than a pool installer; we are your partner in creating your backyard paradise. 


Ready for your own Backyard Paradise?


With your pool built by Full Bucket Contracting, you can embrace the outdoors right in your backyard and cool down from the summer heat. Our pools are built to give you and your loved ones a custom swimming area that is built to last, giving your years of backyard fun.

Through years of satisfied customers, we earned a reputation for being trusted contractors. Our team brings an approach to every job ensuring customer satisfaction and complete project delivery with each project we construct.

When Full Bucket installs your pool, we will complete your backyard oasis by installing custom hardscaping with secure stonework, fencing, and lighting. Our priority is to ensure you have complete satisfaction in your investment 

Want to be in your pool this summer? Call today to book a consultation with one of our expert contractors to start on the design of your backyard paradise today. We can’t wait to work with you.

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