Garden Water Fountain Normandale, ON

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Garden Water Fountain Normandale, ON

Normandale is a peaceful community where cottagers and the average resident can relax and enjoy the slower pace of life. Driving down Mill Street, motorists will come across a trail that leads to a small beach. The Union Hotel, built in the 1840s, and the original Post Office, built in 1842, still stand at the key intersection of Normandale Road and Main Street, and both are in excellent condition.

Located on the shores of Lake Erie in Norfolk County, Ontario, Normandale is known as “The Garden City.” In today’s town, a brief drive around the streets will reveal a few restored century homes as well as a few tiny cottages dotting the peaceful streets.

If you’re looking to add more relaxation to your outdoor space in Normandale, you should consider a few different options. Waterfalls are a popular choice for outdoor decor, but you can also opt for wall fountains, which don’t require a large amount of space. Wall fountains are often more aesthetically pleasing than waterfalls because they produce ambient sounds while taking up very little horizontal space. Column-style fountains are classic and come in several different styles.

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Here are a few tips to building a garden water fountain:


  • Placement: Free-standing garden water fountains should be placed in a prominent location, preferably at the centre of a small terrace. The size and shape of your fountain will determine the amount of refilling it needs. If your water fountain is in a central location, consider placing it where neighbors don’t have access to it. For the best effect, place it at least six feet away from any seating areas. The sound of water flowing down a wall will mask any sound of traffic or air conditioning in the area.
  • Installation: Installing a water fountain requires some basic electrical work. We install heavy-duty plastic to build the basin and water globe. You’ll need to wear safety glasses and remove excess PVC before you start. If you’re a novice at this, you should consider hiring a professional to install the fountain, especially if it weighs more than 150 pounds. You can install these fountains yourself, or you can hire an electrician to do it for you.
  • Design: There are many different styles of garden water fountains. You can choose a wall-mounted fountain to fill the entire space, or you can opt for a floor-based model. These fountains are perfect to fill any available space. Water fountains are great for creating a soothing ambiance. 
Types of water garden fountains include pyramid fountains, which feature a few tiers of water dripping over an object. Several of these fountains also have a bubbler that helps to keep the water moving. A fountain with three tiers will definitely create a statement in your yard. The choice is entirely yours! This beautiful and relaxing feature can bring a sense of calm to your space, but if you’re not the DIY type, consider a fountain with a built-in LED light.

Decorative water fountains are the perfect way to add a little style to your garden. You can find decorative ones with faux rock waterfalls and rippling streams, and tiered wood barrels. Some of them even have LED lights for a more dramatic effect. Some fountains have decorative floral shapes. If you want to make an impact, choose an outdoor fountain made of durable materials. These fountains are sure to last for years.

If you have always wanted a garden water fountain for your Nixon home but weren’t sure how to go about getting one, or if you just need some help sprucing up your outdoor space, Full Bucket Contracting is here for you. Our team of professionals can help you figure out the best design and installation for your needs and budget. Contact us today to get started!

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