Pondless Waterfalls

Adding a pondless waterfall will help you enjoy running water’s soothing sounds.

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Pondless Waterfalls Are a Great Addition to Any Backyard Landscape

The most beautiful and sought-after landscape water feature is a pondless waterfall. If you have a small yard with limited space, adding a pondless waterfall from Full Bucket Contracting will help you enjoy running water’s soothing sounds.

A pondless waterfall can be dramatic with a long drop, or serene and soft similar to a babbling brook. It is a great option for large or small outdoor spaces and is available in a variety of configurations and sizes.

Attracting a variety of wildlife, waterfalls are energy efficient and very low maintenance. It is a great attraction for children, who love playing in nature and around the waterfall. To enjoy the melodic sounds from your waterfall inside your home, have it installed near a window, regardless of whether it is in your backyard or in front of your home.

How a Pondless Waterfall Works

Without the presence of a pond, a pondless waterfall is simply a recirculating stream or waterfall. On a timer, the water is pumped into an in-ground reservoir through the waterfall spillway. This system is easy to install and requires little maintenance. It is an ideal water feature for families with pets or young children who love playing in water.

The soothing sounds and beauty of a pondless waterfall can be enjoyed from any location of your yard. You can greet visitors with a small waterfall near your front entrance. For a more dramatic effect and a longer waterfall, you can install it in your backyard, where you can incorporate more landscape options to it.

If you want to add more features to your waterfall, you can add a pond to it later on. You can also add some fish and a mass variety of aquatic plants. If that is an option you want to explore, Full Bucket Contracting is capable and willing to help you achieve the water feature of your dreams. Contact us today for a free quote.