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We pride ourselves on completing all projects with precision and care, protecting your investment through reliable infrastructure. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Quality Concrete Services | Full Bucket Contracting

Every construction project needs a strong, durable foundation, and when installing process piping or heavy mechanical equipment, it is especially essential. All facilities in the industrial sector need to have the highest level of confidence in the concrete foundation because failures in the foundation can lead to warping or cracking, leading to costly replacement or restoration.

At Full Bucket Contracting, we work with a diverse array of clients to inspect, construct, and maintain concrete foundations. That way, we can fully understand the challenges and constraints that can accompany projects of industrial construction. We have many years of successful partnerships to offer cost-effective concrete service. Our offerings of slab and foundation include:

  • Design
  • Task-specific finishes, including complex forming and its safe removal
  • Structural specification for new construction or modification

We pride ourselves on completing all projects with precision and care, protecting your investment through reliable infrastructure. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Full Bucket Contracting’s Quality Concrete Services

At Full Bucket Contracting, we have the technical expertise and knowledge to construct a large variety of wear-resistant, lasting foundations to fit your needs. In addition to slab foundations, localized repairs, and highly-specialized containment walls, we are also specialists in process piping. We are highly qualified to serve customers who are planning to replace or install pipes as one of their facility’s integral components.

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Concrete Foundation Installation, Repair, and Design

Full Bucket Contracting specializes in many kinds of concrete foundation services. Before we begin each project, we provide a comprehensive assessment of the site and your specifications. At that point, we will guide you through the entire installation and repair process, ensuring that you will get your desired results.

The Importance of a High-Quality Foundation

Any construction project’s success rests solely on the strength of the foundation. If an installation or design is poor, it can lead to failure or cracking. This is especially true when introducing piping or multi-ton equipment.

Waterproofing and proper sealing are also essential to consider. However, providers with less experience may not be familiar with finishing processes for industrial applications that are most effective. To ensure that your foundation will be long-lasting, choose a company with extensive experience in the industry.

Comprehensive Installation and Design Services

Concrete foundation services that are tailored to the specific application and site are the most effective. Each project begins with our professional engineers surveying the site to determine the ideal design for the desired use, including the ideal shape of concrete and the formulation and strength.

After you have signed off on and agree to the design, we will construct the foundation for our top-notch quality standards. This will result in a heavily reinforced long-lasting concrete structure that can support your operation’s needed equipment.

Types of Concrete Foundation

Full Bucket Contracting specializes in raised foundations, containment walls, and slab-on-grade foundations. Our experienced sales professionals will discuss each option with you to ensure that you choose the best foundation for your needs.

Containment Walls

Common for applications for processing plants that handle any materials that could be contaminated, concrete containment structures combine vertical, reinforced concrete walls with a heavy-duty foundation to prevent hazardous gases or chemicals from escaping a facility.

We design and install the containment walls as per your specifications, matching the specified application’s design, concrete, coatings, and reinforcements. A wall malfunction could happen if all of these variables are not taken into consideration. This could endanger the structure itself and local communities, the environment, and the employees working in the facility.

Slab-on-Grade Foundations

These foundations are relatively simple, as it only consists of a single, thick layer of concrete poured over reinforcement rods. To form a supportive footing, the edges are poured slightly thicker. While slab foundations are cheaper and easier to construct in favorable environmental conditions, they aren’t suitable for every application. Steep grades, cold environments, and subpar soil conditions can limit the utility of a slab-on-grade foundation, making it difficult not only to install but also to increase the cracking susceptibility.

Raised Foundations

Not using the edges as a footing like slab foundations, raised foundations have a continuous layer of footing supported by piers. This design is ideal for environments that can’t support a slab foundation due to geographical or climate factors.

The foundation isn’t built directly on top of the soil, so the concrete is less likely to crack when the soil shifts, absorbs moisture, or freezes. A raised foundation’s design creates a crawl space underneath the building, making necessary repairs should they arise, be easy to access through that space.

Services and Capabilities

Our concrete services extend much further than repair and installation. Our team is well-versed and skilled in the following project types and sets of services:

  • Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Walkways
  • Concrete Pads
  • Structural design
  • Containment walls
  • Structural foundations
  • Stormwater improvement
  • Elevated slab & foundations
  • Concrete coatings
  • and more

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