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At Full Bucket Contracting, we offer Thermal Pile installation which will resist the climate and provide stable support

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Benefits of Postech Thermo Piles

Postech screw piles are made of five different necessary parts/pieces. The support head, thermal insulation, coated steel, protected air room, and the blade.

The postech offers support heads custom-designed to the type of job and its needs. Bigger job, bigger postech, bigger support head.

The thermal insulation system forms a protection zone that eliminates any weather related substances from forming at the base of the Postech Thermal Screw Pile, providing protection against movement in the ground caused by frost.

The coated steel surrounding the Postech Thermal Screw Piles make it fully protected. Giving it the ability to last through tough conditions and protection against slow chemical breakdown (rust).

Installed below the frost line, it serves as the load bearer and at the same time provides effective resistance to uplift. The size of the blade is based on the loads to be supported and the type of soil in which the screw pile is installed.



image of how the postech thermo piles look and support a backyard deck
image of how the postech thermo piles look and support a backyard deck
At Full Bucket Contracting we will guide you in selecting the appropriate Thermal Screw Pile needed for your project.

Traditional concrete piles (sonotubes) are much weaker than the many advantages and the flexibility of Postech Screw Piles.

Screw Piles offer a solid and lasting foundation with none of the problems connected with traditional methods of concrete foundations. Weather conditions and cost play a huge factor as sonotubes are limited to dry, above freezing weather conditions, screw piles only contingency is frozen soil.

Screw piles are reusable and for the most part a one man job saving money on the client end as they will not need to pay for equipment rental, multiple workers on site, and landscaping fees. It is a clean, and quick job that requires minimal planning.

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Postech Thermopiles

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